Gluten Free Way

Everyone knows that gluten is very dangerous to your body. It was only 10 years ago that we discovered high amounts of carbohydrates can be detrimental to your health. It only shows that you should think for yourself when you go on your diets.

Before you dive into a gluten free diet, be sure to check with your primary care physician if it is something that can be healthy for you. Most of these types of nutrition programs can only be helpful if you have Celiac disease.

Avoid Disruptive Noises 

If you sleep in an environment where others may make loud or jarring noises that frequently wake you up, the best way to fix this is to drown out that sound. Depending on the severity of the sound that is disrupting your sleep, wearing very soft earbuds with one of the sounds mentioned above will be the best method to stay asleep the entire night. The key to waking up is to also have the alarm set to go off in your ears. The earbuds must fit. If they fall out, you could miss the alarm, so also set an external alarm. The earbuds must be very soft as not to damage your inner ear. Using earbuds is only for those persons that have external noises that they cannot control. The best way to listen to sounds is with no earbuds but if it comes down to your health and the quality of your sleep, earbuds drowning out disruptive sounds is the way to go.  


Make your sleeping environment smell good. This smell will greatly vary per person. Your sense of smell alone can cause you to relax more than anything else. If you use aroma therapy and you can stop snoring as well by visiting this website on ZQuiet. Your nose runs a direct connection to the brain waves that tell your brain whether you are relaxed or stressed. There are plenty of items on the market that are categorized under aromatherapy yet a simple perfect smelling pillow case fresh out of the dryer can do the trick.  

The Items in your Sleeping Area 

The brain is very sensitive to what it sees just before you go to bed. The items that surround you can either stress out your brain or it can relax your brain. You have heard it said that a clutter drives some crazy and all they can think of is cleaning it up instead of sleeping. A work computer on the dresser can make you want to get up and work or check email or a website about a comparison between the bowflex max trainer and the treadclimber elliptical. Flowers in the corner can relax you at just the color and sight of them. Toys all over the floor may stress you out. I am not telling you to clean up just before bed, however cleaning up can be your exercise for the night before you enter into relaxation mode 

Say Your Prayers 

Saying your prayers before bed will relax your mind and cause you to relax more than any other activity. It tells your brain, everything is okay. You can say your prayers, read them or simply sit quiet with them to be thankful for everything that you love.  

Take a Warm Bath or Shower 

There are many products on the market for relaxation. Choose a nicely scented bubble bath and soak your problems away. This warm bath or shower will relax your body and prepare you for sleep.